Statistics driving ayda

Insights from our student survey

We asked 300 students from across the UK what their thoughts were on the new academic year, freshers’ fairs, hybrid events and everything in between.

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Did First-Years Participate in Virtual Freshers' Events?

Did Students Value Everything in One Place?

Do students Want the Return of In-Person Events?

Do Other Years Look Forward to Freshers' Fairs?

Are Students Anxious About In-Person Events?

Would Students Want a Hybrid Event?

Do Students Want to Participate When They Can't Attend?

Are Students Okay With Remote/Hybrid Learning?

Are Students Worried About The Risk of In-Person Events?

  • 57%

    Are anxious about in-person events
  • 45%+

    Want to participate when they cannot attend
  • 62%

    Are happy with hybrid learning