What do students have to say about hybrid events?

Over the last 15 months, there has been a shift world-wide to virtual event platforms. Though by no means perfect, virtual event platforms made it easier for anyone to attend from anywhere. We are well under way to bridge the gap between live campus events and virtual events by building the world’s first hybrid events platform purpose built for universities and other higher education institutions.

Hybrid events, if you are not familiar, refer to those events that extend live events that require in-person attendance with a virtual or digital companion platform.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, universities and brands alike have begun to plan towards September. We were keen to understand what students thought about hybrid events. So we reached out to our student network to hear from 4 university students on hybrid events.

Hannah Barker, University of Bristol

"...Before hybrid event platforms, student freshers’ fairs were overwhelming and ephemeral social events..."

As a student, you are inundated with events, experiences and opportunities but sometimes it isn’t possible to attend them all. Hybrid event platforms enable students to have the possibility to engage with all student events from the comfort of their student halls, library or anywhere else in the world!

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Photo of Hannah Barker at Bristol University

Hannah Barker is a 3rd year student at Bristol University.

Ed Harvey, University of Nottingham

"...hybrid events are the easiest way for students to find what they are interested in..."

Photo of Ed Harvey at University of Nottingham

The aspect of hybrid events that I believe is most important for students and universities is based on the personal level of engagement with a wide range of students…hybrid events are the easiest way for students to find what they are interested in.

Ed’s interview in full.

Ed Harvey is a 3rd year student at the University of Nottingham.

Ibukun Aganga, University of East Anglia

"...great for students, especially international students...a good idea for introverted students..."

…Especially after the pandemic, there will still be students that are cautious of socialising in person; Hybrid events are perfect for including these students. In terms of universities, the virtual aspect is cost-effective, allows flexibility and provides the opportunity to gather data.

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Photo of Ibukun Aganga at the University of East Anglia

Ibukun Aganga is a 3rd Year Student at the University of East Anglia

Sophie Tomkins, Nottingham Trent University

"...easily adaptable...means there is a 'back-up' if the physical element can not go ahead due to restrictions."

Hybrid events are also easily adaptable to the current COVID-19 climate because offering both physical and digital elements of the campaign means there is a ‘back-up’ marketing strategy if the physical element can not go ahead due to restrictions.

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Photo of Sophie Tomkins at Nottingham Trent University
Sophie Tomkins is a 1st year student at Nottingham Trent University.