ayda is brought to your by Raptor Marketing. It's the new avatar of The Digital Welcome.

Let's start with Raptor

We are Raptor – the student marketing agency. A team of young, hungry student marketing specialists who help build lasting connections between students, brands and now universities. Over the last five years we’ve honed our craft delivering award-winning work which spans physical & digital experiences, brand ambassadors, social influencers, documentary series, web design, insight and strategy, and much more.

Everything that we do has students’ culture at the heart and is tailored to our clients requirements. And with an 85% client retention rate, we must be doing some thing right. We’re based in East London and live across 40 cities in the UK.

Then we gave students The Digital Welcome

In 2020, when the pandemic became more than a distant news story, we wanted to help student representative bodies (student unions and guilds) achieve their commercial targets whilst keeping their students engaged during a difficult time. So we built The Digital Welcome – a virtual freshers’ fairs platform.

The Digital Welcome gave new and existing students the official welcome to university life. It helped students across the UK and Ireland learn about various services that their university & their student representative bodies offered, discover new deals & offers from exhibitor, find & joins student groups, access mental health & well-being services, find volunteering opportunities and connect with graduate employers.

And then ayda was born

Since Refreshers 2021, we have been busy working with students, student unions & student-focussed brands to co-design the next version of The Digital Welcome. A new hybrid events platform called ayda. It’s purpose built for universities and higher educational institutions and designed to engage students. ayda elevates on-campus events experience and adds value to the university event ecosystem.

We feel there is a need to engage with students both in-person and over digital channels to showcase to very student, no matter where they are, the best your university has to offer, build a sense of community and enable them to find people and activities that align with their interests. ayda extends an on-campus event on digital channels so that every student can attend the event they are interested in even when they are not or cannot be on campus. At the same time ayda helps you maximise your commercial revenues by offering a full-set of value-added services to physical exhibitors and widening the footprint of your events with digital exhibitor opportunities.

We are currently focussed on the UK & Ireland but will soon be with you no matter where you are in the world.