A back-up if the physical fair cannot go ahead

Sophie Tomkins, Nottingham Trent University

"...easily adaptable...means there is a 'back-up' if the physical element can not go ahead due to restrictions."

I believe hybrid events would be a great idea for boosting student engagement with marketing events. This is because integrating the physically interactive elements of a live event with the quirky, easily engageable elements of digital marketing means the event can appeal to all student demographics, boosting student engagement. Hybrid events will also give a seamless experience for students engaging in the event because the marketing strategies can be carried from the physical live event straight back to the students’ online device at home. Hybrid events will also allow for students to take part in the campaign and engage with the brand even if they are unable to attend the live event on campus. Additionally, the power of digital marketing has rocketed during the pandemic and we should continue to push this marketing success when working on future campaigns.

Therefore, by creating hybrid events the campaign can reach its ultimate potential stretching from physical to digital elements. Universities will also find hybrid events easy to accommodate because knowing that some students prefer in-person live action events and others the digital side means they are instilled with confidence that the campaign can reach optimal student engagement, making for a successful campaign overall.

Finally, hybrid events are also easily adaptable to the current COVID-19 climate because offering both physical and digital elements of the campaign means there is a ‘back-up’ marketing strategy if the physical element can not go ahead due to restrictions.

Photo of Sophie Tomkins at Nottingham Trent University
Sophie Tomkins is a 1st year student at Nottingham Trent University.