Great for international students & the introverted

Ibukun Aganga, University of East Anglia

"...great for students, especially international students...a good idea for introverted students..."

Hybrid events are great for students, especially international students who will still be able to experience events regardless of their location. It is a good idea for introverted students who may better enjoy the event from the comfort of their home and behind a screen. Especially after the pandemic, there will still be students that are cautious of socialising in person; Hybrid events are perfect for including these students. In terms of universities, the virtual aspect is cost-effective, allows flexibility and provides the opportunity to gather data.

While the physical events offer students the opportunity to socialise, network and create memorable connections. The face to face interaction allows for more meaningful experiences, which will benefit student interaction. Additionally, they create strong brand associations, as students can be provided with merchandise that will aid companies to promote their brand during and after the event. Further, it is easier to spot what adjustments need to made in order to improve the event in a physical event, aiding universities in enhancing student experiences on and offline.

Overall, the combination of both virtual and physical events allows two events to run simultaneously, engaging more students.

Photo of Ibukun Aganga at the University of East Anglia

Ibukun Aganga is a 3rd Year Student at the University of East Anglia