Easily find what you are interested in

"...hybrid events are the easiest way for students to find what they are interested in..."

Photo of Ed Harvey at University of Nottingham

The aspect of hybrid events that I believe is most important for students and universities is based on the personal level of engagement with a wide range of students.

For example, the University of Nottingham offers over 200 societies for people to join and as expected this attracts a whole wide range of people. Whether this may be a Cocktail Society to make new friends or a sports team to play competitive sport, the University offers something for everyone and hybrid events are the easiest way for students to find what they are interested in. Using a hybrid platform allows for this variety of options of societies to be shown the best. The personal engagement too with individual students combined with the elevated experience beyond just face to face adds even more value than a regular physical or only digital fair. Even if someone’s too shy to go to events or cannot physically attend the events, they can still fully participate which further spreads the universities mission that they’re interested in all individuals desires.

Furthermore, the way that hybrid events platforms work, it allows for the natural beauty of Nottingham still to shine through even if you are not physically present. The campus downs, Portland and the Trent building are all key memories of people at the University of Nottingham and campus life and therefore hybrid events allow this still to sparkle through.

Ed Harvey is a 3rd year student at the University of Nottingham.