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Partner with ayda

Connect & sponsor, all within an interactive showcase

Bring your brand or organisation to life, with a bespoke 3d offering. Whatever your goals, whether that’s connecting with attendees, or leaving a memorable impact as a sponsor- ayda offers all the tools to do just that

  • Truly hybrid interactions

    Make every in-stand interaction better with digital gamification & accurate analytics

  • Bigger reach at lower costs

    Be present at every campus event without the need for a physical stand

  • Sustained engagement

    Continue to communicate & engage beyond the event

  • Better conversions

    Achieve your business goals using real-time insights into student behaviour

Sponsorships with measured impact

Creative sponsorships, lowered costs and bettered insights

Opportunities for creative brand expression, without the need for physical resources at an event. All supported with 24/7 analytics

"...the data from ayda helped activate creatively across multiple universities, maximise visibility and redemption to a larger student pool whilst keeping costs to a minimum."

Ellie Losty, Interim Marketing Manager, Hala Group
Meaningful interactions

Networking that matters

If you’re looking to promote a better understanding of your organisation, ayda provides the networking tools to do just that. Whether that’s through 1:1 meets, group sessions, interactive webinars, or more

"...We're pleased to be part of ayda. It signposts students who need information and support for their mental health and raises awareness of mental health at university..."

Gemma Carr, Senior Programme Officer, Mind
3d model for Mind

Looking to leave a memorable impact with your organisation?

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